Be a part of the Fest!

Our festival attendance has grown a great deal over the past few years.  With 3 events yearly now, We have likely seen well over 100,000 fans come through our gates since 1995…. Partnering with Lind Entertainment is an excellent way to reach thousands of brand-loyal music and outdoor enthusiasts. We work with each partner to create a unique “win-win” program that works for our partners and fans alike.

Never been? Click the You Tube Video to see what’s happnin’ at our 10th year fest… now we are in our 16th!

Get on the Big Screen!

This years Riverhawk will feature a Jumbotron 12 high x 16 wide Screen at the Main Stage!

  • How cool will it be to see your Company up there!
  • Reasonable pricing… and a great way to support the fest
  • You can do it! Go to our Partner Options page !
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Our Festival Program

We offer several ad placements sizes and prices!
  • Pricing varies… check it out
  • Go to the Partners options and snoop around!
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Put your pal on the Big Screen!

Got someone you want to surprise? … this oughta do it!
  • Yep… they will likely punch you… but it’ll be fun!!
  • Say happy birthday or anniversary to a pal
  • You can do it! Go to our  Partner Options page for details !
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Strut your Vendor stuff!

Upload a few pics of you, your booth and merch…and voila…you are on the Big Screen!
  • Let the folks know you are here!
  • Put your vendor booth and merch on the big screen
  • Also! you can throw an ad in the program!  Got a special sale?
  • Just upload up to 4 pictures of your You, your booth and your merch and we will make a pretty cool ad for all to see!
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In Kind Help

We are always willing to trade for your services!
  • The fest needs generators, golf carts, tractors, raffle items,  videographers and more
  • Package your sponsorship several ways!
  • Call us about this… we’ll get you on as a partner!  863-984-8445
  • Oh Yeah!… you can Volunteer too!
Talk to Us!

Banners, Posters, Postcards and Flyers!

  • Banners – get your logo on the 3 x 5 ft fest banners we place around the fest area
  • Posters – We print a bunch of 12 x 16 inch posters, put them in local area restaurants and stores
  • We also sell posters at the fest for a buck… they will be hangin’ in someones garage for years… with your logo on it!
  • Flyers – these 8 x 11 sheet flyers go everywhere…we’ll go through several thousand
  • Postcards – 4 x 6…
  •  printed as handouts.. all the bands and ’em out, we hand ’em out… you can hand ’em out!
  • Note: These options only available with purchase of a program or Jumbotron ad
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