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Check out what’s up for our future leaders!

We have young adults at our event that grew up here and now are bringing kids of their own. Bring your kids to an environment that provides a natural scene, new music for them to explore, and new friends to make. Get them off the web and into the real world! Hayrides! Pingpong ball race in the stream! Pinatas and more!!


Here’s the scoop: Kid’s between 6-12 can bring ready-made crafts (homemade) to the fest and on Saturday morn. At 11:30 a.m. we will have a table for each registered kid vendor to set up on. Parents can assist in the making of the crafts AT HOME, but the kids must do 80% of the completed projects. Here are the rules:

  • Parents should only assist in making the crafts, cookies, music makers, magic rocks or other goods for sale. They will have a spot ‘bout 3 x 3… so don’t make elephants!
  • No pre-registration necessary, register Fri and Sat morn at the fest @ 10 a.m.
  • All kidz show up at the kidz tent and ready with their crafts work At 11:00 a.m.
    An Assigned 6′ table will be there waiting for them and they will have 45 minutes to paint a banner on a 2′ x 6′ craft paper provided by the fest.
  • The banner should have their new company name (Bailey’s Music Stuff; Jimmy’s Bakery; etc) on the banner and will hang in front of their table.
  • You can bring your own decorations and table dressings but must make the banner at the time of the event. We provide the banner and art suipplies.
  • Sales commence at about 12:00 am until 1:30 pm (don’t want to wear anyone out here!)


Bring your Halloween costumes and get another run  with them… If you don’t have one… Riverhawk can provide !


No one starts off as a professional musician!  Somewhere right now there is a very young person that will become one. We find it very important to bring the young ones into an environment that will light that inner spark…The  GOLDTONE Instrument company brings their power of persuasion to the youth tent! All kids will have an instrument in their hands…When they leave they will know it’s origin,  it’s name and will have played a song on it!