Hey Folks!

Thanks for your interest in bringing your music to Riverhawk!  We don’t like to call this a competition…(sounds like a race! ) So we call it presentations… cool?  We have the time for about 15 acts… so sign up here in advance to get on the roll call.  Here’s what our highly skilled volunteers will be listening and looking for:

  • Overall performance
  • Audience response
  • Instrumentation
  • Originality (your own song is best! but covers are ok )
  • Eye contact/connection with the audience
  • Charmin’ Personality!

Rules of engagement!

  • Gotta see your ticket order come through to register!
  • Can’t play if you were last years best!
  • Can be a solo or duo
  • Gotta have at least one string instrument
  • NO plugins or pedals… all acoustic
  • You have 8 minutes to throw down (2) 3-minute songs.
  • Can’t go overtime… gotta stay on the timeline so practice it.
  • Best presentation grabs $100 bucks and a slot on Sunday to play a 30-minute set

Okee Dokee? With that said, grab a ticket to the fest and we’ll see you Saturday morning around 9:30. You will get a confirmation.

Sign up!

Musical Chairs to a live Band!

This started about 10 years ago with kids and a fest band, now it’s a standard at every Riverhawk Sunday and has grown to 3 divisions… Kids, Women & men…and one of our best bands are on the stage while about 150 folks scramble for chairs… it’s nuts! It’s a classic! and everybody loves it from young to old!  Keep your ears open and eyes on the schedule for  the time Sunday. It aint all about fun… win tickets to Stringbreak!

Now it gets interestin’!

Dress up your pooch for the annual “Dogs in Drag” affair…
As part of the PARADE LE’ KIDDO’S the finest lookin’ pooch gets a ticket to Stringbreak! And, of course…some fine doggie treats! Look for this to happen after noon on Saturday – Riverhawk only!

OK! gonna do this for Stringbreak… but not this round for Riverhawk... 

  • We are not gonna do this for Riverhawk, but We’ve had alot of folks wanting to do this… so here ya go. At Stringbreak Grab your tix and come on
  • Gotta get at least 10 camps to join in on this…or it’s a scrub! We’ll let you know
  • Can be primitive or a hookup site.
  • Judgin’ will be Saturday afternoon, we’ll announce the winner during the raffle
  • You gotta pay $15 bucks to get in… and if we do it… you’ll get a fest shirt at the show.
  • You card ain’t charged unless we get at least ten entries
  • Best camp will win 2 tickets to Riverhawk !