Hello Festivarians!!! Here’s some welcome news… the show is ready for November!

  • If you purchased Stringbreak Tickets, you will soon receive a personalized coupon code for an 80% credit toward Riverhawk 2020 or Stringbreak 2021.
  • Riverhawk 2019 site holders will receive the first round of mail & credits with a deadline date to renew.
  • Stringbreak 2020 site holders that did not have previous Riverhawk 2019 sites will get the next round… if they want to attend Riverhawk.
  • Next, those just wishing to rotate their order to Stringbreak 2021 may of course, do so with your same sites held.
  • Stringbreak Vendor?… you are on for Riverhawk with the same 80% credit! We will send the new vendor app in July.
  • We will cautiously not proceed with any Riverhawk sales until July… so hang on!