Corona Virus

Beth K. – cancel

By 03/20/2020 No Comments

This Covid-19 pandemic is indeed a huge threat, to any or all of us! Not enough is currently known about the most common method of spread, but it has become increasingly clear that we’re all @ risk, even the “young”. It’s also likely that the young (under 35 or so) can easily be dangerous carriers of the virus, whether it affects them badly  or not – taking it back to their much more vulnerable parents & grandparents.

Many of us out here in the US have pre-existing conditions which make us very vulnerable regardless of age, so — all things considered, we feel u should postpone or XL the Stringbreak festival this yr. It’s a drag, for sure – but it really seems obvious that in this case, we must defer to the position of “the greater good”. Give pple their space, listen to the experts, like Dr Anthony Fauci, & give everyone a better chance to get thru this without more personal health disasters?! Thx!

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