Callie Chappell, the originator of the group is a very versatile singer, who’s soulful soaring voice goes right to the heart. She has been compared to Bonnie Raitt, Linda Rondstadt and Sheryl Crow, with a little Loretta Lynn thrown in but has a sound truly unique to Callie. She is a fantastic songwriter who placed second in the Chris Austin songwriting contest out of over 400 entries, and was asked to perform her song, “I’ll Come Running” at Merle Fest in North Carolina. There, she made some great connections and went on to record a very well- received CD in Nashville, of original songs, “In the Wind”, featuring Tim O’Brien on harmony vocals and some of that town’s best session players. Later she and Tim O’Brien co-led a songwriting workshop at Wings and Strings music festival in Florida, where Callie and her band performed several times over the time it existed in Polk County, Fl. Callie has also played at Riverhawk 4 times, with various configurations of musicians, although it has been about 10 years since she has been back.

She has focused the past 3 years on co-developing her latest project referred to as The Whole Band and says that it is the most creative and tightest group of musicians she has ever worked with. They play primarily in the Sarasota area and have drawn a large and ever-expanding following. They recently released their first CD, “ The Whole Band, Live at Blase’ “ and are in pre-production for a studio project of original material.