We almost can’t believe it ourselves, but Nashville’s queen of Outlaw Country is coming to Riverhawk! The Florida-born’n’raised Cook, a Grand Ole Opry regular, SiriusXM Outlaw Country hostess and David Letterman favorite, released her most recent record Exodus of Venus in 2016.

“From the sweltering tumble of B-3 on the funky, shuffling ‘Methadone Blues’ to the elegiac dignity of ‘Tabitha Tuder’s Mama’ and the Velvet Underground on fire bristle of ‘Brokedown in London on the M25,’ Cook’s shouldering a deeper passion for the state of living today – and the crashing into the wall reality we all go through. If in the past Cook relied on wit and a certain dogpatch charm, Venus commands a raw knuckled truth that’s even more searing.”